The companies that we work with are rapidly expanding their employee headcount across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. Raion has placed huge emphasis on it’s privacy policy and user agreement to ensure that we remain compliant and act in an ethical way that protects users when accessing our platform. Our focus is to earn and maintain your trust, so that you can focus on utilising Raion as a tool to help develop your skills, your network, your career and inevitably, you.

A lot of work has gone into Raion becoming GDPR compliant, which is evident in our privacy policy. The privacy policy has been written to be both transparent and digestible for users to understand, and it explains how Raion collects and processes your information as well as how we store data. All of our internal processes and procedures are developed with the user in mind to efficiently process any requests for data. This may include making any necessary changes to personal data or any requests from our users to access their personal data. Users may also wish to make relevant and accurate updates to any data we are holding, including the right to delete their data.

We are constantly questioning our approach to ensure that we are acting in the most lawful and fair manner in every aspect of our business, and when it comes to data privacy we will always do our best to collect relevant and accurate information, and only what is necessary. It is key that our users know that they can always request access to their personal data. However, the process and security around this can feel somewhat tedious at times for the user when making such requests. This is by design, and whilst it may feel like ‘overkill’ we believe it is necessary to ensure we protect our users’ privacy and are always only providing the right user with the right information.