Anti Bullying

Our anti-bullying policy starts with logic. Don’t bully anyone. Our platform is there for everyone to enjoy, and not to make anyone feel embarrassed or belittled.

To avoid any confusion, at Raion, we are all very logical thinkers who are able to determine the difference between those expressing their views and beliefs, and those who are just being abusive, rude or cruel. As a technology company we develop all of our own machine learning and AI tools, none of which are needed to determine whether someone is being a bully or not, and instead we opt to apply common sense.

So, please don’t bully anyone. It’s very simple, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying what you are about to say on national television during a global event, then it probably does not belong on the internet. We thank you in advance for your understanding and hope you enjoy the platform.

We are committed to fighting bullying and as a member of our tech community, we are dedicated to protecting you as best as possible as well as every member of Raion’s platform.

If you view something that violates our User Agreement we ask that you report it via [email protected] so that we can take action. Should a member of our community be in any immediate physical danger, we please ask that you contact local law enforcement urgently.

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