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Maximise your potential in the

blockchain and fintech space

Every year it is getting harder to stand out from the competition. Now imagine a fully automated tool designed to help you build your own startup or join an established company ready to challenge the future.

• Access tools to help build your startup

• Engage with professionals in the industry

• Never apply for a job - have companies apply to you

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An ultra-niche community for technical and non-technical people that want to work in the fintech and blockchain space

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Lewis Tuff
Lewis TuffVP

"I think you have to be engaged, you have to be contributing and you have to be part of a community."

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Building a startup is very hard. We are making it easier.

Build world class teams.

Raion is designed to identify and attract the super talented amongst us. Those who are desperate to find equally brilliant and creative people who want to take on the world by building new companies in new industries.


Find the right product market fit.

Conduct qualitative and quantitative research and build out your network of decision makers at established companies who want to help you evolve your product.


Access exclusive offers

Raion partners with some of the most recognised tech companies to provide you with unique offers to help you with designing, prototyping, building, promoting and selling your product.


Sell to other companies

Just go directly to the top and forge a relationship with a decision maker who will act as a single point of accountability who will help you sell fast to your prospective clients.


Connect with investors

We only allow a handful of certified investors on the platform that have a track record of investing at pre-seed and seed stage. We do not take a fee or a stake in your company, we just provide you with access to them. How you utilise that relationship is purely down to you.

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Raion also helps you to find the right job in the blockchain and fintech space
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