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Panel discussion from Raion Live

From left to right: Daphne Coates (Managing Consultant @ IBM), Marcus Vinicius Martinez (Industry Advocate @ Microsoft), David Spurway (Global Principal @ IBM), Surya Mukherjee (Head of Technology Research, Europe @ Accenture), Deborah Spencer (Senior Manager @ University of Oxford), Calvin Stewart (Investor @ Odonata Ventures), Elisabeth Kant (Head of Data Science @ SumUp)

Invite only events

All of our events are invite-only and are for C-Level Executives and senior tech and business leaders.
Raion Founders

Make money
7 rules for building a successful tech startup eBook download image
Twilio Segment

Building a startup is very hard. We are making it easier.

Tools and services to help build your startup
Save thousands of dollars while building your startup by accessing credits and discounts from our partners such as Zendesk, DigitalOcean, Segment, Miro and Uizard.
Educational content
Learn about the core concepts of building a business from both the operational and technological side through our eBooks, webinars with our partners as well as live events.
Our network of startups and investors
Learn from other startup founders and get in touch with experienced investors that have a track record of success.
Accomplished advisors
Experienced professionals financially benefit in exchange for their time advising startup founders.
Raion Podcast

challenge * the future

Everyone wants to make real money, but very few know how. The aim of the podcast is to help you to:

Learn how to communicate your mission, vision and values. Learn how to build a company culture. Learn how to attract the best people with only a vision to offer them. Learn what technologies other companies are using. Learn how other companies get ahead of the competition. These podcasts are about teaching you how to build a company, how to get investment, how to get sales, how to differentiate between good leadership and great leadership.
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