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Raion is an online community for technologists that consists of a jobs, educational and networking platform, encouraging collaboration between our members. By building these partnerships, we are creating a hub for modern startups to engineer their own teams and develop their companies.

Raion is not for everyone. Our platform has been developed for top technologists, academics and business people to work together. By being accepted into Raion, you will have access to our elite group and be able to build your own micro-networks to advance your career or business.

Raion jobs is a platform designed for companies to scout technologists who share their vision and culture. Our aim is to automate candidate sourcing and make job applications a thing of the past. We are striving to find candidates opportunities that are most relevant to them, as well as to make hiring as easy as possible.

To regulate quality and avoid a dilution of the standard of user.

We believe capitalism will provide many answers to solving some of the greatest challenges our planet faces. In order for these initiatives to be successful requires a lot of capital. VCs are always looking for their next CEO / Co-founder, opportunity to invest in a unicorn. The very nature of Raion attracts a lot of founders from startups. At Raion we are constantly looking to partner and provide access to VCs and investors that share our values and goals and we will constantly aim to provide you access to these organisations.

We are taking and supporting positive action to create a better, more sustainable planet. Our number one priority is the democratisation of education, creating free and equal access to educational resources for those who wish to develop their technical skills. Irrespective of socioeconomic class, we strongly believe that people deserve equal opportunities and we are using Raion as a platform to make this possible. We are extremely passionate about social enterprise and we will always do our upmost to positively impact our world.

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