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Marcus Martinez

Industry Advisor @ Microsoft

Having recently served as a keynote speaker at a Raion event, I can attest to the exceptional quality of their gatherings. Raion's commitment to connecting startups and entrepreneurs was evident in the engaged audience, fostering valuable connections and insightful discussions. For early-stage disruptors, Raion is the ultimate launchpad to establish meaningful connections and gain exposure across diverse industries.

Surya Mukherjee

Head of Technology Research @ Accenture

My interaction with the Raion community at their live event was a reflection of what they stand for - fostering insightful discussions among tech and business enthusiasts. With Laurence's leadership and a fabulous team, Raion creates a dynamic platform where knowledge-sharing is the norm. Their events are a perfect blend of community, expertise, and innovation, making every attendance a rich learning experience.

Moshe Noy

Founder and CEO @ Caesarea Labs

Being a part of Raion has had great ROI for Caesarea Labs. For the small one-time cost of subscription, I got to join a great community and found quite a few opportunities I wouldn't have found otherwise, including connecting with investors and receiving credit offers for enterprise software that helped us save costs.


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